Thursday, September 27, 2007

The L.A. County Fair

Well, it's that time a year again. Yesterday we took the kids to the fair and we could'nt have asked for a better day. The skies were blue the weather was hot and the sun was shining. The kids did everything they had to offer, we ate great food, and had just about everything fried you can eat.. Has anyone ever heard of a deep fried coca cola? or a deep fried crispy cream chicken sandwich? Hmm let's just say I came home a few pounds heavier and an upset stomach. The kids shot paintball guns, played laser tag, bungee jumped, rode a mechanical bull (which I have video of) I will attemped to post??? and won lots of stuff. Jacob wanted a guitar so bad and we all tried to get him one and failed, Then Gramma Brenda decided she would give it one more shot and sure enough BULLSEYE!! she hit that target dead center and won the grand prize.. It only cost us about $30.00 bucks... and the look of excitement on his face when she threw that dart was worth every penny. Thanks gramma and poppy for another great year at the Fair..
P.S. these were all taken with my P&S , I wasnt about to lug around the big stuff..

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jenna turns 2

This is my little friend Jenna. I have photographed her since she was about 3 months old, I can't beieve how fast the time has gone by. Happy Birthday Sweetie

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Braxton is going to be a BIG sister

So I went out to Corona del Mar last week to get a couple of pregnancy shots for the newest addition of our family. This is my cousin Sheri and her little munchkin Braxton. Congradulation's Sheri, (she's having another girl)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Maddison is going to Kindergarten

These are our cousin's Maddie and Christian. Maddison is starting Kindergarten so we took a couple of portraits to celebrate her new beginings . Christian is playing football this year and from what his mom sais he is the star of the team!! Ofcourse Jacob had to try on the football gear and what do you think I have been hearing since Sunday.. Mom, Mom, Mom, I want to play football hmmm I'm not sure I could sit in the stands and watch my little man get tackled and thrown around up and down the field we'll see

Summer is almost over!!

The last big weekend of the summer has come and gone, school starts tommorow.. We hung out with our friends and went swimming and had a BBQ. Every year we usually go to the river but this year I decided just to stay local and I'm glad I did because it was in the high 120's (that's just too hot for me) although it was a record breaking weekend here in the (909) 105, 109, and yesterday it was 111 degrees whew!! I thought I was going to die.. We stayed in the pool all day.. Anyways hope everyone had a great summer and is ready for a brand new school year, here are some pictures of Jason and the kids @ the pool.
I love the pictures of Josh, he must have stood there for a good 15 minutes and then chickened out, then we got him to try it out again he finally went after long thought and consideration he did it once and only once.